4-week full-immersion

League Academy

League Academy is a 4-week SAT intensive residential program that prepares high school students to succeed in the American college admissions process. July 2020’s program will be hosted at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. The main focus of the program is intensive SAT classes by professors teaching at the most prestigious American universities, in addition to college counseling, essay writing, and extracurricular activities.

Outside of the classroom, current Ivy League students and leadership coaches mentor students to help them stand out in the competitive admissions process. Students also participate in a wide variety of fun summer activities such as surfing, paddleboarding, dance, beach volleyball, soccer, yoga, and group bonfires as well as day excursions to Los Angeles.

Summer Residential Program
SAT Classes by Ivy League Professors
College Admissions Counseling
Extracurricular Activities

Leadership training

Residential program

Tech-free environment

Daily Workshops

Extracurricular activities

League Academy program
  • 250+ hours of SAT and group study by elite faculty.
  • SAT score improvement: students will review their practice exams and understand their errors.
  • College application guidance by current college students and admissions officers at prestigious universities.
  • Fun extracurricular activities such as sailing, archery, beach volleyball, yoga, campfire, dancing, and visits to LA.
  • Daily workshops including mock college interviews, stress management, essay writing, college application checklist and more.
Proven Score Improvements:

Our intensive residential program significantly boosts SAT scores in only 4 weeks, while also developing other aspects of the college application.

The chart provided by PrepScholar displays the estimated score improvement based on the number of hours spent studying for the test. At League Academy, students have over 250 hours of practice, which include lecture, practice problems, mock exams, and revision of mistakes. With our SAT curriculum, students can improve their scores by more than 300 points in only one month.

Extracurricular activities

Students participate in a variety of fun activities that include the following:

  • Surf
  • Paddle board
  • Hip hop
  • Functional Training
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Leadership workshops
  • Soccer
  • Beach Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Day excursions to Los Angeles
  • Bonfire and storytelling
Our strength
Meet our Faculty

Inside the classroom, students are prepared for the SAT exam by professors teaching at the most prestigious universities .Outside of the classroom, students are mentored by current Ivy League students and leadership coaches to help them stand out in the college application process.

Nakia Rimmer is the Associate Director of Undergraduate Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also the founder of CalcCoach.com, a company that provides online tutoring for the SAT college entrance exam.
Nakia Rimmer
University of Pennsylvania | Mathematics
Mauricio Espinosa, an international life coach, will work with students to develop their leadership skills through challenging activities and workshops.
Mauricio Espinosa
HEC Paris/Oxford | Leadership Coach
Cynthia Thomas is a psychologist and counselor at the American School. She leads various seminars on stress managment, test-taking skills, and personality traits.
Cynthia Thomas
American School | Psychologist
Amanda is a third year mechanical engineering student at Northeastern University. With her extensive experience with college applications and standardized exams, she will mentor students throughout the process specifically targeting the SAT math section.
Northeastern University | Student Counselor
Lauryn is a first year student at the University of Pennsylvania. She is originally from Chicago and plans to major in Communications with a minor in Marketing. Her passion in the college admissions process is helping students find schools that are right for them and increasing their chances of success in getting there.
University of Pennsylvania | Student Counselor
A second year student at the Wharton School of Business, Pattryze plans to study entrepreneurship and retail. She is originally from Mexico and is committed to helping international students prepare for the SAT exam and better understand the American admissions process.
Wharton School of Business | Student Counselor
July 2020 Location
Pepperdine University,
Malibu California
3 - Step Admission Process
01. Online application

The first step is submitting a 10 minute online application. If you have any questions, our admissions team is here to help.

02. Virtual Interview

Upon application approval, one of our counselors will schedule an interview both with the student and with the parent or guardian. Our advice? Just be yourself!.

03. Final Decision

If a student is accepted, he/she will receive a welcome letter with further steps for enrollment. Welcome to League Academy!.

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